Castello di Trani

The Trani Castle, located on the sea front of the majestic Romanesque cathedral, is one of the most important among those facts built by 'Emperor Frederick II in defense of his beloved United of Sicily. Strategically placed in the middle of a sparse whose shallow waters have always been considered a 'good natural defense of the city against attack from the sea, the castle of Trani was built on the model of the fortifications Crusades in the Holy Land. As for most of the fortifications of Puglia was the first domain of the Angevin and then Aragonese. With the 'evolution of firearms and threats of Turkish raids in the sixteenth century, was a necessary structural adjustment to improve its strategic and defense of the city. Prison until 1974 was completely renovated and opened to the public since 1998.

Info e prenotazioni:
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Piazza Manfredi Re, 16
70059 Trani(BT)

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