Lama d 'Antico Rock Park

Located in the countryside dotted with ancient olive trees and Mediterranean vegetation, the Park Rock is located on the road that connects to Savelletri Fasano in the province of Brindisi.
On the walls of a canal or blade, over the centuries, the peoples who inhabited this' corner of Puglia, from the tenth century, dug a series of caves, creating a village medieval peasant.
Visiting conveniently l 'entire area through trails and walkways, between the Mediterranean scrub, you can admire frescoed cave churches, dwellings, workshops, stables and many other testimonies with a dip in the past and in the culture of Puglia.
Especially during the summer season, there are many events in this particular scenario ambientanti historical nature.

Information and reservations:

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Strada Provinciale Fasano-Savelletri - Contrada Sarzano
72015 Fasano (BR)

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