Castle and National Museum of Archaeology

In the territory of the Murgia in Gioia del Colle it will be interesting to visit the castle that houses the National Museum of Archaeology. Build by Richard Siniscalco, brother of the famous Robert Guiscard, the 'building was redesigned by Ruggero II and the' Emperor Frederick II of Swabia author of the system of fortification of Puglia. As with other castles in the area, during later historians, the 'building suffered other structural changes by both the Angevin is Aragonese. The National Archaeological Museum is part of the monumental castle where there is a 'exposure of the many testimonies of the necropolis of Monte Santo Mola Sannace and affecting a broad historical period from the sixth to the second century BC .

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Piazza Martiri di Cefalonia, 1
70023 Gioia del Colle BA

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