Svevo Angioino Castle and National Museum of Archaeology

The son of Frederick II of Swabia, Manfredi wanted the 'building of this castle in the thirteenth century, at the foot of the Gargano, to defend the city of Manfredonia just created to accommodate residents of nearby Siponto become inhospitable due to the swamps and wars. During the Angevin took the quadrangular and complex installation and then be equipped, during the period aragonse, a second outer wall. Today the castle is home to the 'important National Archaeological Museum, open daily, accessible to wheelchair users full of exhibits illustrating the history of the' old territory Siponto and Gargano. It should be noted, for quality and uniqueness, the exhibition of the stele Daunian: rectangular slabs of limestone depicting scenes down the world of 'ancient population of the Daunia. To remember the exhibitions entitled respectively "Siponto: an abandoned city in the Middle Ages" and "Treasures of the Sea".

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Piazzale Ferri, 1
71043 Manfredonia FG

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