Will start on May 7 that the parade, a colorful procession with vintage license plate Sergio Rubini, recalls the shift in 1087 the relics of the saint. Starting point square Frederick II then head to the Basilica.

An event intercultural linked by faith.

360 are the extras provided, including 70 representatives of migrant communities who venerate St. Nicholas in the rest of the world and that will pay homage to the Bishop of Myra with icons and songs of their countries. The entire show will be lit by torches in a way characterized by dark of daily lighting. A step to the parade music and songs of exception. Among the performers group Terrae, Faraualla, the Choir of the Bulgarian voices and Nabil Salameh Radiodervish. The painting, from the St. George's Bay, on board a vessel Nicolaus, will make a stop at the pier San Nicola and then along with the Great Wall set up to reach the Basilica. Two big screen will project the event. Follow the show of acrobats, the show re-enactment of the "miracle bird" on its way to the moment of the delivery of the framework.

Friday, May 8 , the pilgrims will attend all''imbarco statue of St. Nicholas from the pier to board the trawler Nicolaus. At 16:30 the show on the seafront Nazario Sauro Frecce Tricolori At 20:00 the statue will return to be exposed to the cult in Piazza del Ferrarese. At 22:30 there will be the impressive fireworks event on Pier.

Saturday, May 9th the levy in the afternoon of sacred manna another show of fireworks in the evening;

Sunday, May 10 the statue of the holy cross in procession through the streets of the old town.

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