4th Edition - International Poetry Competition - Contrade in Valle d'Itria

Also this year the Association for the promotion of the International Poetry Competition "Contrade in Valle d' Itria" invites all those who want to express in verse love or appreciation for this Valley to join, send your essay to the Secretariat Prize within 24 hours of 30 November 2015, last day to enter the competition.


All details for participation are contained in the Regulations, published in Italian and English on the website of the association are the follow:


- The poem, in any language or dialect, not to exceed thirty verses and be targeted campaign, the traditions, the flavors, the genuineness of the districts.

- For the poems in the vernacular or language it is welcome but not required, the translation into Italian.

-  can participate in Italian and foreign citizens who are at least 18 years and have visited or known (through the media, relatives, friends or word of mouth) the Itria Valley and its towns: Cisternino, Locorotondo, Martina Franca, concurring with a single unpublished poem, on pain of inadmissibility.

More information on the procedures for submitting essays and filling out the entry form on the site www.ilpaesedellecontrade.it or +39 3201583971.


Poetry Prize winner will have great prestige, as it will be engraved on a work of art in stone, located in a district of the Valle d'Itria, thus enriching the artistic and cultural heritage of the rural area.

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